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Before We Get Too Busy

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In just a few hours, it will be Thanksgiving Day. There are only 32 days until Christmas and 38 days until we close the book on 2016. From now until the end of the year, …

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Jones New York Little Black Book Lets Women Tell It Like It Is

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I’ve long professed the need for more female mentors in order to change the ratio of men to women who work in technology. But the truth is, the tech space isn’t the only place where female mentors are needed.  I think women in any profession–not matter how high up the corporate ladder they may be–would tell you that from time to time, they need a little advice. While an ongoing, one-on-one mentoring relationship is always best, I’ll take career advice any way I can get it; and  Jones New York’s (JNY) Little Black Book initiative and Empowerment Fund is a great place to find quotable, thought provoking words of wisdom from women at all stages of their career.

As far as websites go, JNY’s Little Black Book (LBB) and Empowerment Fund pages are sleek and easy to use.  While, the site didn’t tell me exactly how the concepts began (other than showing you an ad campaign that they say “started it all”), I discerned that the LBB is a place for women from all walks of life to share career advice with one another and the Empowerment Fund grants female entrepreneurs money to pursue their passion.  So far, nearly 330 women have uploaded quotes and stories to the LBB.  (I plan to add to the my own words of wisdom; you can too.)

But in case you don’t want to wade through the LBB on your own, I’ve searched the virtual cornucopia of career wisdom for you and included what I feel to be the best advice out there.  Soak it up:

“Be nice to other women. Being catty will only hold you back and allow men to move ahead.” – Asma Anwar, Law Student

“My advice to you is threefold. First, if you want to be successful, associate with successful people and help others become successful. Two, knowing what you want enables you to see through and work your way around the bramble to success. And finally, care less about what OTHERS think of you, and more about how YOU think of YOURSELF.” – Aundrea Wilcox, Author and Professional Small Business Advisor

“Your job gives you authority; your behavior gives you respect!” – Chantly Bradley-Brown, Senior HR Business Consultant

“Your personal image conveys more about you than your business card. It positions you in the eyes of others. Although your appearance has to convey that you understand the culture of the business and that you belong to it, it also needs to reflect your personality… If you believe that how you dress doesn’t matter, it probably doesn’t: after all, if you don’t give credence to where you are in your career, why should anyone else? And guess what – if you dress for the job you want, you’re more likely to get it. Five little words (with a big message) to remember: Your image is your brand.” – Cheryl Lampard, Image & Style Maven- Style Matter International

“Think about where you’re going, nevermind where you’ve been.” – Cheryl Young, Sales Rep

“To be truly successful at anything it starts with passion. When you are passionate about what you do the long hours don’t seem so long and hard work doesn’t seem so hard.  Hone your skills; Never stop learning; Keep current; you will always be competitive. Finally, when you look good you feel confident and a confident woman is a successful women.” – Cynde Watson, Makeup Artist/Beauty Expert/Co-Founder of Color By Cynde Watson Cosmetics

“It is not what you say that they’ll remember, it is how you made them feel.” – Genna Armstrong, Business Owner of Sweetsallways, LLC

“…If you are merely surviving at work instead of thriving, perhaps it means you are not in the right field.  Bring passion to what you are doing everyday and set your expectations high. Greatness will forever be out of reach if you are not deeply passionate about what you do. If you don’t absolutely love, love, love your work, you’ll never have what it takes to make it to the top.” –Ivanka Trump, Executive VP or Development and Acquisitions for The Trump Organization

“Don’t fret over your troubles, sometimes you have to be in the wrong place to get to the right place. Finding out what you don’t want or where you don’t want to be is the perfect way to drive you into your passion and your dreams. Experiencing situations and circumstances that don’t go your way help you appreciate even more when something goes exceptionally well, and are also the building blocks of learning, strengthening your foundation, and enhancing your integrity. From all situations, even though you may not see it at first, you learn and you grow.” – Jessica Watson, Principal and Creative Director

“Sometimes you have to puff up and bluff about things. Too often, women feel as though they are not prepared for a task or an assignment and so they don’t go after it. We expect that if we are great at what we do, someone will notice and offer us plum assignments. Well, that’s not always the case. There are times when you have to say ‘I can do that,’ to a boss or potential employer and rise to the challenge. Don’t be afraid. Guys do this all the time and get away with it!” – Laurel Touby, Founder and Senior Vice President, mediabistro.com

“The best advice I ever got was: shut up and listen. It came by way of a well-respected journalist who wrote for the magazine I worked for right out of college as an editorial assistant. He explained that, over a long career of interviewing people, he’d discovered that if he posed a question and the person didn’t answer right away, his natural instinct was to rush to fill the silence with words (the more difficult or challenging the query, the more likely this was to happen), with the result being that the question never got answered.  But if he fought his natural instinct to speak and let the silence hang in the air-if he just sat and listened-the other person invariably jumped in to fill it and often wound up revealing things he/she did not intend to reveal. I’ve used this advice in work-and life-ever since, and find that it’s often put me on the receiving end of some very interesting information.” – Lauren David Peden, New York Correspondent/ Vogue.com UK

“You’ve got to make them pay you as much as you can possibly get…we undervalue ourselves so often.” – Nora Ephron, Writer/Director

“Start with a to-do list every morning. I rewrite mine sometimes 2-3 times a day. I hand-write mine. There is something so satisfying about crossing something off or highlighting it or checking that box, done.” – Rachel Doyle, Founder & President of glamourgals.org

“A look is always attainable. Easy to copy. Anyone can look like anyone else but style is different than fashion. Once you find your signature, you are then showing the world the real you. Find it and Own it.” – Sonya Crew, Web Publisher of beautywired.com

“You can’t have it all. And anyone who tells you that you can is lying.  Take some time to evaluate what is really important to you, and once you decide, pursue it mercilessly.  But remember, your career should never come at the expense of your relationships.  Your accomplishments won’t take care of you when you’re sick, and they won’t mourn your loss after you die; but your friends and family will. Love well.” –Jenn Prentice, Tech and Style Blogger/Public Speaking Instructor/Founder of The Style Geek

Be sure to share your advice in the comments section below and on the LBB.

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