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At 23, I found myself alone, struggling to overcome an eating disorder and crying into my Ben & Jerry’s while listening to sappy love songs –a far cry

from the glamorous, sex-in-the-city (minus the sex) life of an early 20-something that I’d always envisioned.  When a friend introduced me to a guy on the other side of the country, I decided to take a chance, pursue love and do what few people have the opportunity to do: Reinvent myself.

Nearly ten years later, I’m (almost always) emotionally stable, pursuing my passions, happily married to and raising two boys with the man I moved 3000 miles to be with; but I’ve learned some hard-fought lessons about starting over along the way.

If you’ve ever wanted to hit the redo button on life, you might enjoy some of the stuff I share on this blog.  It’s raw. It’s real. It’s sometimes inappropriate, but it’s my life. I invite you to laugh at it, learn from it and share your own stories.

What’s up with the tagline?

Today’s culture defines happiness by the job we have, the things we possess, the people we surround ourselves with and the way we look.  I spent years pursuing happiness by the world’s standards and found it to be a dead end road.  These days I’m challenging myself to stop chasing the American dream and start living life in a way that will make a lasting impact on those around me.  For me, this means four things: praying more, spending less on myself and more on others, volunteering my time even if I don’t think I have any to spare and striving to act a little more like Christ.  Some people might this call this radical.  I call it living counterculturally.